Sustainably made Wood and Bamboo sunglasses

Sustainably made Wood and Bamboo sunglasses
October 21, 2020 Elena
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There’s so much joy in nature, just the sight or touch of wood is instantly relaxing. That’s why we founded ZedRays sunglasses, to bring joy and calm to more people, through an everyday affordable product.

We just love the look of wooden sunglasses. It is pleasing to study the grain and to know that each pair is slightly different due to natural variations.

Here are some close-ups of the grain in our ZedRays sunglasses.

Why choose wooden sunglasses?

Just like every person on the planet, each pair of wooden sunglasses is unique.  At ZedRays, our sunglasses are hand-made from FSC certified wood, so each pair is slightly different and contains natural variations.  The wood comes from sustainably and ethically managed forests, so our wooden sunglasses are eco-friendly and will eventually decompose at the end of their lifespan.   Unfortunately the plastic and metal used in other sunglasses will take hundreds of years to decompose and will be problematic for marine life if they end up in the waterways.

Wooden sunglasses are also very durable and light weight, so wearing them is pure joy.

At ZedRays we’re currently using sustainable FSC certified bamboo and Zebrawood.


Did you know that bamboo holds a Guiness World Record for the fastest growing plant on earth? One of the bamboo species has been found to grow up to 91cm (35 inches) in a day. That’s the height of your kitchen bench! The tallest bamboo recorded in the tropics was reportedly 40m (130 ft). That’s the equivalent of a 12 story building[1]!

Of course it’s the fast growing nature and the strength of bamboo that make it such a popular sustainable wood. Other benefits are that it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees. There is very little waste and no fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are needed[2].

It is for these reasons that Bamboo is the predominant wood in our range of sunglasses.  The bamboo we use all comes from sustainable FSC certified forests.


The appeal of Zebrawood is its beautiful dark Zebra stripes on a light honey coloured background.  The name Zebrawood applies to several tree species and the wood that is derived from them.

Zebrawood was first mentioned in international trade in 1773 when it showed up in British customs records, coming from the Caribbean coastal region of what is now Honduras and Nicaragua.  The wood became a hit with English cabinetmakers and other species of the wood have been used over time.  Today, the wood comes from Microberlinia brazzavillensis, a tree from West Africa.

African zebrawood comes from trees that grow up to 40m tall with trunk diameters of 1m and bark up to 2.5cm thick!  The wood is resistant to termites, other insects and wood-rotting fungi.

Zebrawood is a glamorous wood that has graced the dashboards of Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Today it can be seen in exotic guitars[3].

Our Zebra ZedRays sunglasses relive this glamour and of course, all our wood comes from sustainable FSC certified forests.






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